Homeowners Insurance

Your Home is one of your most important assets as such it’s crucial to protect it with a comprehensive Homeowners insurance policy. Homeowners policies offer a multitude of coverages aimed to provide not only coverage for protecting the home itself but also coverage for your personal property and personal liability.

A number of factors go into determining the cost of your Homeowners Insurance such as your credit score, claims experience, square footage, age and condition of the home whether or not you have a pool or any outbuildings such as a shed or pole barn in addition to the house and even what type of dog you have (yes that’s still a thing!).

Coverage To Repair & Rebuild

Homeowners policies provide coverage to repair and/or rebuild the home in the event of a covered claim. The types of claims that are covered depend on the level of coverage purchased. Specialty coverages such as coverage for damage resulting from back-ups of sumps sewers and drains can also be added for an additional charge.

Coverage For Your Personal Property

Homeowners policies provide coverage for your personal property, however a standard homeowners policy will limit the amount of coverage available for specialty items such as your jewelry, antiques or your gun collection. These items may require additional coverage limits in order to make sure that they are properly protected.

Personal Liability Coverage

An often-overlooked part of a Homeowners policy is Personal Liability Coverage which provides protection against financial loss if you are sued or become legally liable for someone’s injuries or property damages. Different levels of Personal Liability Limits can be purchased depending on each person’s individual needs.

At Newell Family Insurance Agency we have over a dozen different companies who write policies for all types of homes from new construction to older homes and farm houses. This gives us a number of options for any type of home.

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